Meet The Sisters


Sisters Needlepoint is a needlepoint design brand and studio selling hand-painted canvases, needlepoint kits, and accessories. We create designs that are fun, stylish, and reflect nostalgia and a modern take on the classics. Hailing from Minnesota, we are inspired by the (more than!) 10,000 lakes that surround us, northern woods, lake and cabin life, and classic styles that transcend generations. We are influenced by the diverse places that our families come from and various places we have lived and traveled.

We are Sisters because we celebrate the sisterhood of needlepoint and find inspiration from our mothers, sisters, friends, and family. Lane and Minna who are sisters-in-law and each have sisters of their own, realized their mutual love of needlepoint could come together to become Sisters Needlepoint.

Lane: First started needlepointing in the 80’s with her grandfather and dove head first back into it, as new and modern designs found their way into her hands… It’s been non-stop stitching ever since!

Minna: Fell in love with needlepointing when pregnant, after discovering it was the only way she could take her mind off of her extreme nausea! Her MIL Carol would needlepoint at her bedside while keeping her company and bought her first set of canvases, now treasured keepsakes!

We are excited that you are here and invite you to join the sisterhood of needlepoint!